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Multi-Barrier Water Management Solutions

Protect your water.
We provide multi-barrier water management technologies that work together to deliver unparalleled protection, from point-of-entry to point-of-use, while improving building water quality.

LiquiTech's Multi-Barrier Approach to Protecting Your Water

Our multi-barrier water treatment approach is a series of technologies each designed to complement each other for the highest level of efficacy and disinfection. Our water treatment solutions start with an in-depth analysis of your facility infrastructure to assess risk and determine your building's specific needs. Each of our water treatment products was hand-picked to complete our multi-barrier solution. LiquiTech prescribes only the water management products that are necessary to provide unparalleled patient quality water.

LiquiTech's Multi-Barrier Approach
Point-of-Entry Filtration Ultraviolet Disinfection Copper Silver Ionization Water Testing Patient Quality Water

Point-of-Entry Filtration

Point-of-Entry Filtration

LiquiTech's SAFETGARD® self-cleaning filtration system improves incoming water quality by removing sediment, corrosion, and biofilm deposits at the point of entry. Damage caused by sediment and iron-based corrosion particulates can be extremely expensive and time-consuming to repair. Our unique process starts with a sediment analysis to determine the right solution for your facility. Compared to traditional filtration technologies, LiquiTech's SAFETGARD system can save up to 90% more water and involves far less maintenance and inspection.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV disinfection is a broad-spectrum, non-chemical disinfection technology used in commercial, industrial, and healthcare settings for the inactivation of microorganism. UV disinfection is generated in special UV lamps. A watertight quartz tube surrounds each lamp. The liquid to be disinfected is passed through the quartz tubing where gas plasma generated in the lamp emits intensive UV light. When microorganisms are exposed to the germicidal wavelength of UV light, their cellular DNA and RNA absorbs the wavelengths, thereby damaging their nucleic acid. This modifies the DNA of the microorganisms to be unable to divide and reproduce, thus rendering it inactive. UV provides rapid inactivation of bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and molds.

Copper Silver Ionization

Copper Silver Ionziation

Copper silver ionization is a non-chemical water treatment technology regarded as the most clinically effective prevention and remediation solution for Legionella, the bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' disease (Legionellosis). During this treatment, ions are systematically introduced into the water using a byproduct-free method to rid plumbing infrastructure of Legionella bacteria and other waterborne pathogens.

Water Testing

Water Testing

Water testing and validation is essential to water management and allows for corrective actions and enhanced monitoring within a facility's environment. Have on-site Legionella DNA testing with highly accurate results in 45 minutes to help you eradicate Legionella bacteria.

Patient Quality Water

Point-of-Entry Filtration

Improve overall water quality.

Removes sediment, biofilm, and corrosion particulate, while protecting expensive equipment.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

guifu 全文免费阅读 第75本 E道阅读网 guifu 全文免费阅读 第75本 E道阅读网 ,波多野结衣电影在线观看 全文免费阅读 第39章 E道阅读网 波多野结衣电影在线观看 全文免费阅读 第39章 E道阅读网 Primary barrier against broad-spectrum organisms.

Provide the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, protozoa, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Cryptosporidium.

Copper Silver Ionization

The most clinically proven solution to kill Legionella.

Copper silver ionization is the most effective technology for systemic disinfection of Legionella in potable water systems. In field evaluations, this technology has yielded the best results over a wide range of water conditions and temperatures, and is backed by more than 100 independent research studies.

guifu 全文免费阅读 第75本 E道阅读网 guifu 全文免费阅读 第75本 E道阅读网 ,波多野结衣电影在线观看 全文免费阅读 第39章 E道阅读网 波多野结衣电影在线观看 全文免费阅读 第39章 E道阅读网

Point-of-Use Filters

Final barrier of protection.

Rapidly deployable, fail safe filters that deliver bacteria-free water for your showers, sinks, and ice machines.

The Spartan Legionella Detection System

On-site Legionella DNA testing reduces risk.

The Spartan Legionella Detection System is the first on-site DNA test for Legionella and it can detect and quantify Legionella bacteria in 45 minutes. Spartan’s test allows immediate detection and remediation of Legionella contamination.

“I like the point of entry filter because it’s self-cleaning and does not require much maintenance. I believe in UV disinfection and it’s an effective approach. By being tri-module, we’re being effective in our water management. You have to have a multi-barrier approach because each component plays an important part. We’re running water with 2 modes of treatment continuously. I liked the idea that CSI attacks the bacteria in biofilm and knowing we have CSI is an additive.”

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Leslie Vaughn
Infection Control Director | Matagorda Regional Medical Center

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