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This is a demo store. Any orders placed through this store will not be honored or fulfilled.

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Furniture store with a difference!

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Returns, Cancellation and Warranty

Return Policy

  1. If You receive a damaged / defective Product or a Product that does not comply with the specifications as per your original order, please get in touch with the customer service at the call centre.
  2. Upon receiving Your complaint, FurniKart shall verify the authenticity and the nature of the complaint and if FurniKart is convinced that the complaint is genuine, FurniKart will inform the relevant Vendor of such complaint and request for a replacement. If the complaint is frivolous or baseless, FurniKart reserves the right to take legal actions against You and You will be solely liable for all costs incurred by FurniKart in this regard.
  3. In order to return any Products, You are required to comply with the below mentioned conditions, viz:
  • • Please notify FurniKart of receipt of a damaged/ defective product/service within 48-hours of delivery to You. If You are unable to do so within 48-hours, FurniKart shall not be held liable for the failure to replace the order;*
  • • Products should be unused;*
  • • FurniKart will arrange pick-up of the damaged/defective Product through its own delivery team. If FurniKart is unable to do so, FurniKart will notify You regarding the same and You will be required to dispatch the product using a reputed courier in Your respective area within one (1) day from receipt of such notice. Courier freight charges will be reimbursed in such form as is determined by the logistics team upon prior consultation with FurniKart;
  • • Products should be returned in their original packaging along with the original price tags, labels, barcodes, user manual, warranty card and invoices etc.;
  • • It is advised that the return products should be strongly and adequately packaged so that there is no further damage of products during transit;
  • • The returned Products are subject to verification and checks by FurniKart in order to determine the legitimacy of the complaint/ return. If the claim is not legitimate, you will be required to bear the shipping costs for the product.
  • * These conditions will not apply to Products where the defects could not, using reasonable diligence, have been discovered, at the time of delivery.
  1. If a Product returned is duly accepted by FurniKart, the value of such Product, as originally paid by You will be refunded to You. Refund will be processed based on the mode of payment and FurniKart or the approved payment gateway will credit Your refunds directly into Your debit/credit card or online accounts or provide You with a cheque in this regard. Refunds will be subject to the following:
  • • Orders paid online will be refunded within 7-21 working days through the online account or via cheque, depending on the then current circumstances as determined by FurniKart;
  • • For Cash on Delivery payments, You will be provided with a refund cheque. If the Product can be repaired by the service centre, FurniKart will get the same repaired and send it back to You.
  • • A promo code, once used shall not be refunded in case of cancellation of order either by customer or FurniKart.

You can rest assured that we check all items as per our high quality standards before shipping.


At Furnikart, we manufacture products subject to order placed by you, so we can neither exchange nor cancel the order. However, we recommend that you satisfy yourself about your choice by going through the relevant product page thoroughly before ordering.


Please note the standard warranties and the conditions for usage of the Products in relation to each Product. No claim (a) that is contrary to the above or (b) where Products have been used contrary to the conditions of usage; will be entertained.